Get medical marijuana from a trusted dispensary in Billings, MT

If you are searching for a dispensary you can trust, look no further.

The SensiCare family is dedicated to providing superior quality medical marijuana. Our sustainable Montana gardens do not use any pesticides or chemicals, making our medication the highest quality in the Magic City. The knowledgeable team at SensiCare can help you find the solutions you are looking for with our variety of house made medicinal marijuana products. Let the Sensicare family help with our superior sustainable solutions.

Call 406-794-8425 today to learn more about our state licensed marijuana dispensary in Billings, MT. Not yet a cardholder? Visit the How Do I Get Started? page to learn more about getting your Montana medical marijuana card.

What makes SensiCare special?

SensiCare was formed in 2008. Ryan's vision was to provide the Billings area with high quality meds with the discretion the community wanted. "As we have expanded our understanding of the cardholders needs for clean cannabis, our gardening methods have also advanced. Providing the cleanest flowers we are able to produce became our focus." Ryan explains. "Introducing SensiCare to become a family endeavor just seemed natural." In 2015 this Mother Daughter team was officially formed to take on more cardholders in need of a reliable dispensary.

  • We're local: our family-owned and -operated marijuana dispensary supports the Billings, MT community
  • We're knowledgeable: With over 30 years combinded experience in the cannabis industry, our team doesn't miss a beat
  • We're clean: our sustainable gardening practices keep Montana waters clean

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